Van Enst, W.I., Driessen, P.P.J., Runhaar, H.A.C.


Van Enst, W.I., Driessen, P.P.J., Runhaar, H.A.C., 2014. Towards productive science-policy interfaces: A research agenda. Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management, 16: 1450007. doi:10.1142/S1464333214500070


Science-policy interactions are often contested, due to strategic production and use of knowledge. This is problematic because the potential of science to enrich decision-making is underexploited. Scientific literature suggests that these problems are related to a lack of credibility, salience and/or legitimacy of knowledge. Science-policy interfaces (SPIs), such as knowledge brokers, are suggested to enhance science-policy interactions by promoting the production of credible, salient and legitimate knowledge. However, the current scientific debate provides little clarity on which SPIs are most useful in solving which science-policy interaction problems and what strategies should be employed. Based on a profound literature review, this paper aims to arrive at a better understanding of SPIs, by providing conceptual clarity and linking typical SPIs to distinct problems and the contexts in which they emerge. We suggest an empirical research agenda to test theoretical claims about SPIs and our own refinements thereof, and to identify best practices.