Cross-Cutting Themes


The themes below cannot be linked to any one area but rather are integrated throughout CCASS' other seven main theme areas.


Adaptation Education

The University of Arizona is home to over 60 faculty members and researchers who work on adaptation-related topics. As the field and practice of adaptation has grown substantially over the past two decades, it has also become increasingly important to train the next generation of adaptation professionals. CCASS is working to help build and expand adaptation-related educational offerings at UArizona, from curricula to professional development opportunities like internships and fellowships.

Engagement and Collaborative Processes

UA faculty and staff are widely recognized for their exceptional skills in providing science support and information that can be used to improve resilience and economic opportunities, especially working in a “co-production” mode with decision-makers, stakeholders, and private-sector interests so that scientists are partners in the learning process.

PROJECTs and Past Events

Risk Management and Preparing for Extremes

UA experts are helping communities and organizations to assess risks associated with climate change and variability, prepare for disasters, and make planning decisions, while promoting solutions that increase resilience.

PROJECTs and Past Events