Translational Ecology


Decaying fish on shore. Photo by Maria Rendon.

Lead CCASS Contact: Carolyn Enquist

Science-informed management, policy, and planning decisions are needed to address the environmental change that is increasingly having dramatic ecological and societal consequences. Researchers from the DOI Southwest Climate Science Center and the University of Arizona are leading an effort to increase knowledge of translational ecology, which aims to facilitate the development of actionable, decision-relevant science, particularly in the context of climate adaptation.  

This ongoing initiative encourages improved dialog and communication among natural-resource managers and policymakers and scientists so as to produce actionable science that is meaningful in a decision context and relevant to real-world challenges.

A special issue of Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment edited by the initiative’s leaders is due Fall 2017; it will discuss boundary organizations in ecology and environment training with the goal of better coordinating with other federal climate service programs.

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