Zack Guido

Director - International Programs, Arizona Institutes for Resilience
Assistant Research Professor - School of Natural Resources and the Environment, University of Arizona

Adaptation Programs/Projects

Selected Publications

  • Guido, Z., Knudson, C., and Rhiney, K (2020). Will COVID-19 be one shock too many for smallholder coffee livelihoods? World Development, 136, 105172.
  • Guido, Z., Knudson, C., Finan, T., et al (2020). Shocks and cherries: The production of vulnerability among smallholder coffee farmers in Jamaica. World Development, 132. 
  • Guido, Z., Zimmer, A., Lopus, S., Hannah, C., Gower, D., Waldman, K., … Evans, T. (2020). Farmer Forecast: Impacts of Seasonal Rainfall Expectations on Agricultural Decision-Making in Sub-Saharan Africa. Climate Risk Management. 
  • Rhiney, K., Knudson, C., & Guido, Z. (2020). Cultivating Crisis: Coffee, Smallholder Vulnerability and the Uneven Socio-Material Consequences of the Leaf Rust Epidemic in Jamaica. Annals of the American Association of Geographers, 1–19. 
  • Zimmer, A., Guido, Z., Tuholske, C., Pakalniskis, A., Lopus, S., Caylor, K., & Evans, T. (2020). Dynamics of population growth in secondary cities across southern Africa. Landscape Ecology, 1–16.
  • Guido, Z., Knudson, C., Campbell, D., & Tomlinson, J. (2019). Climate information services for adaptation: what does it mean to know the context? Climate and Development, 1–13.
  • Guido, Z., Finan, T., et al. (2018). The stresses and dynamics of smallholder coffee systems in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains: a case for the potential role of climate services. Climatic Change, 147(1–2), 253–266. 
  • Mahon, R., Greene, C., Cox, S.A., Guido, Z., et al. (2019). Fit for purpose? Transforming national meteorological and hydrological services into National Climate Service Centers. Climate Services, 13, 14-23. 
  • Meadow, A., Ferguson, D., Guido, Z., et al., (2015). Moving toward the deliberate coproduction of climate science knowledge. Weather Climate & Society. 7, 179–191. 
  • Underwood, B.S., Guido, Z., Gudipudi, P., Feinberg, Y., (2017). Increased costs to US pavement infrastructure from future temperature rise. Nature Climate Change 7, 704–707. 
  • Guido, Z., Rountree, V., Greene, C., Gerlak, A., Trotman, A., (2016). Connecting climate information producers and users: Boundary organization, knowledge networks, and information brokers at Caribbean Climate Outlook Forums. Weather Climate & Society. 8, 285–298. 
  • Meadow, A.M., Guido, Z., Crimmins, M.A., McLeod, J., (2016). From principles to action: Applying the National Research Council’s principles for effective decision support to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s watch office. Climate Services, 1, 12–23. 


  • Ph.D., Ecohydrology, University of Arizona
  • M.Sc., Geoscience, University of Colorado
  • B.A., Geoscience, Lafayette College
Geographic Area
Latin America and Caribbean
Sub-Saharan Africa
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Expertise Area
Climate Assessment
Climate Communication
Human Dimensions of Climate Change
International and Development
Vulnerability Assessment