Using Critical Thresholds in Support Decisions


City of Boulder Broad Municipal Climate Change Workshop. Photo by Russ Sands.

Lead CCASS Contact: Gregg Garfin

This NOAA-funded project, "Critical Thresholds, Extreme Weather, and Building Resilience,"  piloted a participatory process to identify locally relevant critical thresholds for extreme events, and use these thresholds to customize climate projections to community-specific needs. Identifying and better understanding critical thresholds for extreme events is key to developing effective community responses to climate change.  Pilot projects were initiated in Las Cruces, NMSan Angelo, TX, Boulder, CO, and Miami, OH, and the team conducted ten community workshops to identify, refine, and discuss, extreme weather thresholds that matter to the communities.

Project Partners: Adaptation International, NOAA's Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program, CLIMAS, ISET-International, and ATMOS Research.

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