Lemos, M.C., C.J. Kirchhoff, and V. Ramprasad


Lemos, M.C., C.J. Kirchhoff, and V. Ramprasad, 2012. Narrowing the climate information usability gap. Nature Climate Change, 2: 789-794. Doi:10.1038/NCLIMATE1614 


Climate-change-related risks pose serious threats to the management of a wide range of social, economic and ecological systems. Managing these risks requires knowledge-intensive adaptive management and policy-making actively informed by scientific knowledge, especially climate science. However, potentially useful climate information often goes unused. This suggests a gap between what scientists understand as useful information and what users recognize as usable in their decision-making. We propose a dynamic conceptual model to address this gap and highlight strategies to move information from useful to usable to reduce climate-related risks.