Lemos, M.C., and B.J. Morehouse


Lemos, M.C., and B.J. Morehouse, 2005. The co-production of science and policy in integrated climate assessments. Global Environmental Change, 15: 57–68. doi:10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2004.09.004


This paper examines the use of interactive models of research in the US regional integrated scientific assessments (RISAS), using as a case study the climate assessment of the Southwest (CLIMAS). It focuses on three components of regional climate assessments: interdisciplinarity, interaction with stakeholders and production of usable knowledge, and on the role of three explanatory variables––the level of ‘fit’ between state of knowledge production and application, disciplinary and personal flexibility, and availability of resources—which affect the co-production of science and policy in the context of integrated assessments. It finds that although no single model can fulfill the multitude of goals of such assessments, it is in highly interactive models that the possibilities of higher levels of innovation and related social impact are most likely to occur.