Climate Justice Activism in Miami

Part III of the Climate and Racial Justice Talk Series


4:30 p.m., March 22, 2021

Climate change adaptation is increasingly occurring in cities and regions around the world. As responses unfold, climate justice is an emerging frontier. Climate impacts often function as a threat multiplier against a backdrop of intersecting drivers of inequality. Just adaptation must recognize the uneven starting points, which include the history of enslavement, colonization, redlining, and marginalization in many forms. The emergence of climate justice builds from a long legacy of work and action, particularly from Black communities, striving towards environmental justice. Climate justice addresses challenges of equity within and across countries, communities, and generations. Policies inherent to climate response are intertwined with questions of their consequences for all people and the processes through which transparency and responsibility of decision-making are ensured. These dialogues aim to provide a needed forum on campus in the current moment and to elevate the voices, experiences, and ideas of BIPOC leaders.


University of Miami welcomes ALL to be included in the audience - UM community and beyond - please join us! 

The conversation series includes four webinars that will explore various aspects of injustices through the lens of climate change.