Biodiversity, Water, and Climate Change in the Southwest

Episode 6 of the Water Solutions for Our Warmer World Series



4 to 5:30 p.m., Nov. 17, 2021


Water Solutions for Our Warmer World is a public webinar series presented by the Arizona Institutes for Resilience, the Center for Climate Adaptation Science and Solutions, the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy, and the Water Resources Research Center.

Water is interwoven through every aspect of human activity, and is linked to a range of climate change impacts – droughts, intense rainstorms, floods, and sea level rise. A warmer world will bring increasing ecological, social, and economic challenges. What are the solutions? The University of Arizona, with a long history of excellence in water-related research and policy, is helping to build water-related resilience at multiple scales.

As conveners of conversations and leaders in finding innovative and collaborative solutions to the world’s most pressing water issues, the Arizona Institutes for Resilience (AIR), the Center for Climate Adaptation Science and Solutions, the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy, and the Water Resources Research Center are excited to host Water Solutions for Our Warmer World, a six-part public webinar series. We invite the community to engage with us in exploring regional water-related challenges and solutions. 

This series is dedicated to the memory of Regents Professor Jim Shuttleworth, 1945-2020.

Episode 6: Biodiversity, Water, and Climate Change in the Southwest

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 from 4 to 5:30 pm MST

Moderated by Ben Wilder, Director, Desert Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill

How does climate change intersect with biodiversity in the Southwest US? What lessons can be learned about the intersections of social and ecological systems? What are the solutions for riparian and water-dependent ecosystems?

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Photo credit: "Unusual Friends" by Lori Williams, Salt River, 2020; WRRC Photo Contest 2020


Maya Patterson