2020 Carson Scholars Webinar Series

The Future of Food


5 p.m., Oct. 8, 2020


Intersections of Environment and Justice: From Our Bodies to the Earth

Moderated by Aaron Bugaj, Biosphere 2

The Carson Scholars Program webinar series, Intersections of Environment and Justice: From Our Bodies to the Earth, brings together the expertise of the 2020 cohort of graduate students to discuss the future of food; management and re-use of resources; environmental, health, and social justice; and environmental stresses and climate impacts. In four one-hour webinars, the 12 Scholars detail the challenges facing communities around the world and innovations that could impact the way we interact with the planet and each other. Click here to learn more about the Carson Scholars Program.

The Future of Food

Recent advances in greenhouse design are paving the way for more sustainable and energy-efficient food production; digital agricultural technologies and their incorporation into farmers' lives are changing the industry in Turkey; and tensions between food availability and access are affecting low-income communities in southern African cities. In this webinar, Carson Scholars from the schools Anthropology, Biosystems Engineering, and Geography, Development & Environment will explore key issues and innovations related to food production, supply and the management of rural and urban food systems, and share their expertise and novel research on the future of food.


How (and Why) You Should Tattoo Your Greenhouse with Semi-Transparent Solar Panels
Bekah Waller, Department of Biosystems Engineering

Digitizing Agriculture: Changing Agroecology and Livelihood in Turkey
Ziya Kaya, School of Anthropology

Feeding Hungry Cities: Is Urban Agriculture the Answer to Africa’s Food Security Woes?
Julia Davies, School of Geography, Development & Environment

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