Developing, Testing and Evaluating Scenario Planning for the Nevada BLM


Lunar Crater National Natural Landmark, Nevada.

Lead CCASS Contact: Gregg Garfin

Using the Central Great Basin Rapid Ecological Assessment (REA) data, this project aims to 1) develop best management practices for using scenario planning methods in adaptation planning and 2) identify how these methods may be integrated into existing regulatory planning processes.

The project integrates two scenario-planning processes, Adaptation for Conservation Targets (ACT) and Strategic Scenario Planning (SSP) into a series of webinars and workshop to address and identify:

  • how scenario planning approaches can best incorporate information from REAs
  • how scenario planning outcomes connect with existing management planning processes to best incorporate them into existing BLM adaptive management practices
  • the most appropriate uses for ACT and SSP methods
  • the most robust measures to evaluate scenario planning effectiveness and successful implementation.

Status and primary funding:
Phase 1: BLM, 2013-2014
Phase 2: NOAA, 2014-2016

Desert Research Institute