Advancing Social Science Research and Application in the Caribbean: CIMH


CIMH visitors Jodi-Ann Petri, Shelly-Ann Cox, and Roché Mahon consider ways to build the social science component of their climate adaptation work.

Lead CCASS Contact: Zack Guido

The Caribbean Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH) provides weather and climate information to small-island developing states across the diverse Caribbean region. IRAP is partnering with the CIMH to understand the context in which climate risks affect decisions and livelihoods across these islands. The collaboration is filling gaps in CIMH’s information production chain by assessing supply and demand challenges, testing innovative communication forms, characterizing networks, and engaging with stakeholders. Insights from this process will shape future research and development. Another goal is to help CIMH advance its capacity to address the social dimension of climate services within its burgeoning Applied Meteorology and Hydrology Division.

In June 2016, IRAP and CCASS supported the visit to the University of Arizona of CIMH personnel to advance their ongoing Caribbean climate information user needs assessment and foster a longer-term collaboration that builds social science capacity within CIMH. 

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