Zack Guido

Program Manager - International Research and Application Program (IRAP), Institute of the Environment

Associate Staff Scientist - Climate Assessment for the Southwest (CLIMAS), Institute of the Environment

Adaptation projects:

Selected publications:

  • Guido, Z., V. Rountree, A. Gerlak, and A. Trotman, in press. Connecting climate information producers and users: Boundary organizations, knowledge networks, and information brokers at Caribbean climate outlook forums.  Weather, Climate, and Society.

  • Meadow, A.M., Z. Guido, M.A. Crimmins, and J. McLeod, 2016. From principles to action: Applying the National Research Counsel's principles for effective decision support to the Federal Emergency Management Agency's watch office. Climate Services, 1:12-23.

  • Rahman, T., J. Buizer, and Z. Guido, 2015. Economic Valuation of Seasonal Forecast Information Service in Jamaica, 2014-2015. A report prepared for Engility Corporation, Chantilly, VA.

  • Meadow, A.M., D.B. Ferguson, Z. Guido, A. Horangic, G. Owen, and T. Wall, 2015. Moving toward the deliberate co-production of climate science knowledge. Weather, Climate, and Society, 7(2): 179-191. doi: 10.1175/WCAS-D-14-00050.1 

  • Guido, Z., D. Hill, M. Crimmins, and D. Ferguson, 2013. Informing decisions with a climate synthesis product: Implications for regional climate services, Weather, Climate and Society, 5(1): 83-92. doi:


  • Ph.D., Natural Resources, University of Arizona, 2015
  • M.Sc., University of Colorado, 2006

Expertise Area

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach
  • Climate Communication
  • Decision-Support
  • International and Development

Language Area

  • Spanish

Geographic Area

  • Latin America and Caribbean
  • US/Canada