Tom Evans

Professor - School of Geography and Development


Selected Adaptation Projects

  • Climate Adaptation and Agricultural Decision Making in Kenya and Zambia, 2014-2019 (National Science Foundation, SES-1360463)
  • Tradeoffs Between Food, Energy, and Water Security in African Dryland Agro-ecosystems in Kenya and Zambia, 2014-2019 (National Science Foundation, supplemental award to SES-1360463)

Selected Publications

  • McCord, P.F., K. Waldman, E. Baldwin, J. Dell'Angelo, and T.P. Evans. In press. Multi-level adaptation to climate variability and water security in smallholder agricultural systems. World Development.
  • Delaney, A., T.P. Evans, J. McGreevy, J. Blekking, T. Schlachter, K. Korhonen-Kurki, P. Tamas, T. Crane, H. Eakin, W. Forch, L. Jones, D. Nelson, C. Oberlack, M. Purdon, and S. Rist. In press. Governance of food systems across scales in time of social-ecological change: A review of indicators. Food Security.
  • Carley, S., T.P. Evans, D.M. Konisky. 2018. Adaptation, culture, and the energy transition in American coal country. Energy Research & Social Science, 37:133-139.
  • Blekking, J., C. Tuholske, and T.P. Evans. 2017. Adaptive Governance and Market Heterogeneity: An Institutional Analysis of an Urban Food System in Sub-Saharan Africa. Sustainability, 9:1-16.
  • Waldman, K., J. Blekking, S. Attari, and T.P. Evans. 2017. Maize seed choice and perceptions of climate variability among smallholder farmers. Global Environmental Change, 47:51-63.


  • Ph.D., Geography, University of North Carolina, 1998
  • B.A., Geography, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), 1989

Expertise Area

  • Supply Chain Impacts
  • Sustainability Options and Infrastructure
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Water Conservation, Supply, and Demand
  • Public Policy and Governance
  • Agriculture
  • Decision-Support
  • Drought
  • Planning and Land Use
  • Human Dimensions of Climate Change
  • Interdisciplinary Problem-Solving
  • International and Development
  • Monitoring and Remote Sensing
  • Natural Resources Management

Geographic Area

  • Asia
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • US/Canada