Ramzi Touchan

Research Professor - Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research

Research Professor - School of Natural Resources and the Environment


Selected adaptation projects: 

  • Spatiotemporal Drought Variability of the Near East and Eastern Mediterranean from Tree Rings (NSF)
  • Collaborative Research: Past and Future Drought Variability in the Mediterranean Basin (NSF)
  • Sacramento/Klamath and San Joaquin Reconstructions (California Department of Water Resources)


  • Ph.D., Watershed Management, University of Arizona, 1991
  • M.Sc., Watershed Management, University of Arizona, 1986
  • B.Sc., Agriculture Engineering, University of Aleppo, 1977

Expertise Area

  • Drought
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Paleoclimate

Language Area

  • Arabic

Geographic Area

  • Eastern Europe (INCL. Russia)
  • Middle East/North Africa
  • US/Canada