CCASS Director Kathy Jacobs Featured in Recent Atlantic Article

July 20, 2022


Photo credit: Pixabay on Pexels

A recent article in The Atlantic features CCASS Director, Kathy Jacobs and other climate experts sounding the alarm on the extreme events millions across the U.S. are currently experiencing. From drought and wildfires in the West to sweltering heatwaves across the Plains, climate change continues to increase the frequency and severity of extreme events. "Change is going to be the norm, not a ‘new normal,’” Jacobs states. “And so people need to get used to this idea that we are not returning to what we understand to be normal. We are currently part of a long-term trend that includes far more extreme events.” As the article points out, the recent Supreme Court decision on restricting regulation of emissions and opposition on climate action in Congress only makes it more difficult to make progress on climate issues. 

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Contact: Kathy Jacobs