Renegotiating Colorado River Allocations: Hot 20-year Drought and Soaring Populations

Renewable Natural Resources Foundation Virtual Round Table

The Renewable Natural Resources Foundation (RNRF) is pleased to welcome Brad Udall, a Senior Water and Climate Research Scientist at Colorado State University, to speak at the RNRF Washington Round Table on Public Policy.

Since 2000, the Colorado River basin has been experiencing a record-setting drought, a phenomenon that has been linked to climate change. States in the basin have sought to address this chronic reduction in water availability with measures to allocate shortages and manage the river's reservoirs: 2007's Interim Guidelines and 2019's Drought Contingency Plans. It has already become clear that these agreements are in need of amendments. Renegotiation of the Interim Guidelines, which expire in 2026, represents an opportunity to adjust to the new normal.

Udall will speak about current challenges to the Colorado River watershed's management and governance and the insufficiency of current agreements to address those challenges. He will also discuss the renegotiation of the Interim Guidelines and how basin states can create a more sustainable path forward for the watershed.



11 a.m. March 9, 2021