Climate Displacement Forum Webinar Series - Part 5

Policy Considerations at Multiple Scales

Climate displacement and its associated adaptation strategies require effective policies across multiple governance scales. This webinar will feature recent policy recommendations for the Federal, state, and local levels. It will discuss equity, justice, and human rights aspects to consider in policy-making and look ahead at policy solutions for communities that are recipients of climate migration.


Micah McMillan, U.S. Government Accountability Office

Joseph Thompson, U.S. Government Accountability Office

Don Antrobus, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium 

Katie Spidalieri, Georgetown Climate Center

Carlos Martin, Urban Institute

Robin Bronen, AK Institute for Justice

The Climate Displacement Forum is a 5-part webinar series hosted by the National Adaptation Forum and EcoAdapt that will take an interconnected look at climate displacement pressures along with approaches to prevent displacement or adapt by exploring migration, current managed retreat and relocation strategies, equity implications, and policy considerations.

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11 a.m. Nov. 5, 2020