Diana Liverman

Regents' Professor - School of Geography and Development


Selected Adaptation Programs/Projects

  • NSF EASM - Quantifying and Conveying the Risk of Prolonged Drought in Coming Decades
  • IRAP International Research Applications Program - evaluating climate services and adaptation
  • Climate and Poverty in the Americas -- book in progress
  • Climate attitudes in Arizona -- 2014/15 survey

Selected Publications

  • Canevari-Luzardo, L., J. Bastide, I.Choutet, and D. Liverman, 2015. Using partial participatory GIS in vulnerability and disaster risk reduction in Grenada. Climate and Development (online first) http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/17565529.2015.1067593
  • Wilder, M., D. Liverman, L. Bellante, and T. Osborne, 2016. Southwest climate gap: poverty and environmental justice in the US SouthwestLocal Environment,1-22. doi: 10.1080/13549839.2015.1116063. 
  • Liverman, D., 2015. U.S. National climate assessment gaps and research needs: overview, the economy and the international context. Climatic Change,doi:10.1007/s10584-015-1464-5
  • Corell, R. W., D. Liverman, K. Dow, K. L. Ebi, K. Kunkel, L. O. Mearns, and J. Melillo, 2014: Ch. 29: Research Needs for Climate and Global Change Assessments. Climate Change Impacts in the United States: The Third National Climate Assessment, J. M. Melillo, Terese (T.C.) Richmond, and G. W. Yohe, Eds., U.S. Global Change Research Program, 707-718. doi:10.7930/J03R0QR3.
  • Moss, R.H., G.A. Meehl, M. C. Lemos, J. B. Smith, J. R. Arnold, J. C. Arnott, D. Behar, G.P. Brasseur, S. B. Broomell, A.J. Busalacchi, S. Dessai, K. L. Ebi, J.A. Edmonds, J. Furlow, L. Goddard, H. C. Hartmann, J. W. Hurrell, J. W. Katzenberger, D.M. Liverman, P.W. Mote, S. C. Moser, A. Kumar, R.S. Pulwarty, E.A. Seyller, B.L. Turner II, W.M. Washington, T.J. Wilbanks, 2013. Hell and high water: Practice-relevant adaptation science. Science, 342-696-698. 8 Nov 2013.
  • National Research Council. Liverman, D., P. Raven, et al., 2010. Informing an Effective Response to Climate Change. National Academies Press, Washington DC. 300pp.
  • Kuruppu, N., and D. Liverman, 2011. Mental preparation for climate adaptation: The role of cognition and culture in enhancing adaptive capacity of water management in Kiribati. Global Environmental Change, 21(2):657-669.
  • Liverman, D., and S. Billett, 2010. Copenhagen and the governance of adaptation. Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development, 52(3), 28-36.
  • Ingram, J., Ericksen, P. and Liverman D., eds. 2010. Food Security and Global Environmental Change. Earthscan. 384pp

Employment Highlights

  • Co-Chair, ICSU Transition Team for Future Earth 2008-2013
  • Lead organizer Climate Adaptation Futures, Second International Conference, Tucson 2012
  • Scientific Advisory Committee for the InterAmerican Institute for Global Change 1995-2004
  • Chair, NRC Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change Committee 1995-99 (reports on Making Climate Forecasts Matter and People and Pixels)
  • NOAA Global Change Advisory Panel (1993-2000)


  • Ph.D., Geography, UCLA, 1984
  • M.S., Geography, University of Toronto, 1980
  • B.A., Geography, University College London, 1976

Expertise Area

  • Supply Chain Impacts
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Public Health
  • Agriculture
  • Climate Assessment
  • Climate Communication
  • Drought
  • Human Dimensions of Climate Change
  • Interdisciplinary Problem-Solving
  • International and Development

Language Area

  • Spanish
  • French

Geographic Area

  • Latin America and Caribbean
  • US/Canada